If you are Traveling Route 487 from the Benton area ---
Stay on Route 487 until you come to the Lightstreet area.
You will come to a stop light... continue  (approx 1/4-1/2 mile),
RIDGE RD will be on your left just before the Community Alliance Church.
Turn left and continue to the school.

Traveling down Route 11: Continue through and past Berwick.

 When you come to Route 80 where you can continue on Route 11 or take 80, there are two possibilities.

If you Continue on Route 11--
Right after you go through the area to get on Interstate 80, continue on Route 11
 to the next red light. Turn RIGHT onto LOWE Street.
Continue until you go under the overpass and make the next right onto HIDLAY CHURCH RD.
At the next stop sign turn left onto RIDGE Road. and go until you come to the school.


If you take Interstate 80 --
Go until you reach the LIGHTSTREET EXIT.
Turn right off exit onto Route 487.
Go until you see RIDGE Road. (approx. ¼ -1/2 mile)
The road is right after the Community Alliance Church and
turn right onto RIDGE RD. and go until you come to school.